Restaurant De Kale Pater


Andere gerechten

Het is mogelijk om bij ons gluten- of lactosevrij te eten. Ook met andere dieetwensen houden wij graag rekening. Dit graag wel even melden bij het reserveren.

Menu starters

All the main courses are served with two cold sauces, a green side salad, Flemish fries and a roast potato.
Tuscany tomato soup cream soup with Italian herbs, served as a cappuccino €  8,75
Boniface’s Onion Soup served in an authentic French style, topped with grilled cheese €  8,75
‘The Temptation’ beef Carpaccio with parmesan cheese, spring onions, pine nuts and a mild pesto dressing €14,25
Mushrooms Dordogne topped with grilled cheese €10,75
Smoked Salmon Fillet with salad, onion rings, capers and lemon €13,75
Half a dozen Snails in traditional Dutch wooden shoes €10,75
King Prawn Tempura cooked Japanese style €16,75
Dutch Shrimp Cocktail with cocktail sauce €14,75
Calamari deep fried squid served with a garlic sauce €11,00
Smoked Chicken Fillet on a bed of mixed salad with fresh pineapple and pecan nuts drizzled with a honey and mustard dressing €11,00
“Lamsrack” met honingthijmsaus €24,25
“Salad with lukewarm Goat’s cheese roasted pine nuts and drizzled with honey €10,75

Fish Dishes

Grilled Butterfish served with a crayfish sauce €21,50
Grilled King Prawns with garlic and coarse sea salt €25,75
Green Salad with grilled tuna and a wasabi-dressing served as a main course €19,75
Salmon Fillet en papillote prepared on the grill served with spinach and delicate herbs €23,25

Children's menu

Schnitzel or Steak with Flemish fries, mayonnaise, apple sauce and an ice cream surprise €15,75
“Gevulde Courgette” gegratineerd met Goudse kaas €18,00

Main courses

Surf and Turf a combination of fillet of beef and king prawns €24,50
Skewer De Kale Pater fillet of beef, bacon, red bell pepper and onion €24,00
Rack of Lamb with a honey-thyme sauce €25,50
‘The Eleventh Commandment’ five different meats €24,50
Beef Tournedos with pepper sauce and red pepper berries €24,50
Pork tenderloin with a Stroganoff sauce €22,75
Rib Steak Bistro served with a brown cream sauce of bacon, red bell pepper and onion €22,75
Combined Skewer of fillet of beef and pork tenderloin €24,50
Pork Tenderloin Sate with a hot peanut sauce €19,50
Spare Ribs marinated in soy sauce, lacquered with a spicy soy marinade €21,50
Green Salad Sirloin Steak with thinly sliced sirloin steak €19,50
Sirloin Steak with a garlic butter €22,75
Chateaubriand with mushrooms and a creamy mushroom sauce (from 2 persons) p.p. €26,75

Vegetarian dishes

Stuffed Zucchini topped with grilled Gouda cheese €18,50
Quiche Mediterranean style with spinach, tomato and cheese €18,00
Green Salad with lukewarm Goat’s cheese, roasted pine nuts and honey €17,25
All the main courses are served with two cold sauces, a green side salad, Flemish fries and a roast potato.  


‘Sanctus Marcus’ Crepe filled with vanilla ice cream, hot cherries & kirsch €10,25
‘Sanctus Leonardus’ brownies with cinnamon ice cream and vanilla sauce €  9,75
‘Pastor Bonus’ chocolate mousse €  9,75
De Kale Pater Sundae combination of walnut-, cinnamon- and vanilla ice cream with raisins soaked in brandy €  9,75
Dame Blanche vanilla ice cream topped with hot chocolate sauce €  8,75
Horn of Luxury filled with fresh fruits and melon ice cream €10,75
Grand dessert a tasting of desserts, from 2 people, p.p. €11,50
Cheese Platter with assorted Dutch and French cheeses and nuts €11,50
‘Ursula Sundae’ a scoop of strawberry ice cream and a scoop of vanilla ice cream served with whipped cream €  6,75

Dessert wines

White Muscatel per glass € 4,75
Red Elysium per glass € 4,75

Coffee specials

Convent Coffee (Frangelico liqueur) € 7,75
Irish Coffee (Jameson Irish Whisky) € 7,75
Spanish Coffee (Tia Maria liqueur) € 7,75
Mexican Coffee (Kahlua liqueur) € 7,75
Kiss of Fire (Tia Maria and Cointreau liqueur) € 7,75
French Coffee (Grand Marnier liqueur) € 7,75
Italian Coffee (Amaretto liqueur) € 7,75


Bij restaurant de Kale Pater heeft u de keuze uit een grote variatie van voorgerechten. Vis, vlees of vegetarisch. Alles is mogelijk.

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Voor het nagerecht heeft u de keuze uit verschillende soorten ambachtelijk ijs, gebak of vele variaties koffie of thee.

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Trek gekregen? Reserveren is dagelijks mogelijk. Bel 023 - 551 212 5 en wij nemen direct uw reservering op. De keuken is dagelijks geopend vanaf 17.30 uur.

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